Will I see the northern lights during my visit?

Due to its location in a low precipitation micro-climate Abisko has a high number of clear nights and is very often located within the auroral oval which means that the likelihood of spotting an aurora in Abisko is very high. The northern lights is  however a natural phenomenon and there is currently no way to tell exactly when it will appear.

The aurora can be seen from the end of August until mid-April, but our recommendation is to visit from September until the end of March as the nights will be rather short at the extremes of the season.

With their many years of experience our partners at Lights Over Lapland have concluded that if you stay for three nights during the aurora season you will have an 80% chance of seeing the northern lights. Stay for four nights or more and you are almost certain to see them.

If you only have one or two nights in Abisko the chances of seeing the aurora are still very good but in order to maximize the likelihood of a successful night make sure to follow our simple but effective tips below:

  • Spend as much time outside during the night as possible - aurora watching sometimes requires a lot of patience
  • Dress with plenty of warm clothing that allows you to stand still in the cold for long periods at a time - click here for an arctic dressing guide!
  • Keep away from street lights. Once your eyes have adapted to the darkness you will be able to pick up on even faint auroras, which can sometimes be mistaken for clouds (or vice versa!)
  • Use your camera. It can show you if there's an aurora before you see it with your bare eyes. If you don't have a camera, a great option is to check the aurora webcam which updats every 5 minutes.

To heighten the experience we recommend joining an aurora tour with one of Visit Abisko's or our trusted suppliers' knowledgeable guides. Depending on which tour you choose you will be taken to one of several locations great for northern lights watching. All tours available through Visit Abisko include hot beverages and many will also give you access to a heated space like a teepee, small hut or similar.  

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