How much baggage can I bring?

Passengers on Visit Abisko’s transfers are guaranteed to bring one item of checked baggage each. Visit Abisko will endeavour to carry any additional check-in baggage as well but is under no obligation to do so. 

The maximum allowed baggage item weight is 23 kg and the following baggage measurements may not be exceeded: L=250 cm, H=79 cm, W=112 cm. The sum of all three sides of the baggage item (L+H+W) is limited to 300 cm. 

Ski or snowboard baggage must be pre-booked upon the time of booking. Any baggage exceeding the limit of the one checked bag must be declared at the time of booking. Visit Abisko reserves the right to charge a supplement for excess baggage or to refuse to transport excess items.

Each Passenger is also allowed to bring the following as carry-on baggage on the bus:

– One bag limited to L=55 cm, H=23 cm, W=40 cm with a maximum weight of 8 kg

– One small purse, computer bag or similar limited to L=40 cm, H=15 cm, W=30 cm

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