Can I bring skis on the transfer?

Yes. Ski or snowboard baggage must be pre-booked upon the time of booking. Each Passenger is allowed one piece of ski or snowboard baggage in addition to other checked baggage. The ski or snowboard baggage may only consist of a cover and one set of skis and poles or alternatively a cover and a snowboard. The ski baggage does not include a boot bag – these must be carried on board and will be counted in the carry-on baggage. 

Larger ski or snowboard bags with space for other items (wheeled ‘double bags’ or similar) will be counted in the allowed checked baggage. All ski and snowboard baggage items must be within the measurement and weight limitations that apply for other checked baggage.  Visit Abisko reserves the right to refuse to carry any ski and/or snowboard baggage that does not meet the ski baggage terms.

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